Luminária Foglia - Concept LED lamp for bedside tables. Made of folded double layer glass and cut with hot pressurized air technology.
[Caetano Lobo *CL]

Luminaria Damuro - Concept of the LED wall lamp. Made entirely of folded steel with a textured finish. [*CL]

Liquijar - Concept jar with organic design. Made of forged steel and blown glass. [*CL]

Biosign - Wearable device for gestural interaction between man/system that captures electrical signals emitted by muscles during body movements. The goal of the project was to develop
a technique for producing fabrics which allows the insertion of electrodes and conductive tracks within the mesh of the fabric, resulting in a homogenous material of hundred percent nylon.


Neoton - Reinterpretation of the traditional Japanese futon, the mobile is multipurpose. It can turn into a chaise longue, bed and table very simply. Made of EVA, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. [*CL]

Third Eye - TR is a device for augmented reality and immersion in 3D environments. Third Eye has a stereoscopic vision system that mimics the movement of the pupil of the human eye, which provides a more realist experience during interaction.
The system was developed by designer and engineers working for Italian educational institutions. [*CL]

Elephant - It is a special stapler for picture frames. The new design supports both a manual system as a pneumatic system. The goal of the project was to replace the method of production of the product. Originally made in folded sheet metal, now made in polimer injection, it provides a greater volume of production and fewer assembly steps. [*CL]

125x - Concept of a device for sterilizing surgical instruments which reduces the heated area for sterilizing a low amount of instruments. [*CL]

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